Two Quality PBN Backlinks Powered Up

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Two Quality PBN Backlinks Powered Up


This will give you two PBN backlinks powered up for ultimate rank juice.

If you are looking for that final push to the top, this is it.

Just a few quality backlinks are more powerful than hundreds or thousands of poor quality links.

This is what you get:

First of all, we select 2 PBN blogs in our blog network that best fit your website.

We have many sites to choose from, all on different hosting and IPs (no footprints).

If we have a site in your niche we will use that.

If not, we have many general blogs and news sites that we can use.

We accept any language.

If you are ordering any other language than English you will need to provide us with the content.

If not, we can write the content in English and then translate it.

We will handwrite two articles and put them on two powerful PBN blogs.

You can give us the two anchors to use, or we can use the best ones we think will give you the best-ranking push.

On Tier 2 we will power up the PBNs with high PA web 2.0 blogs.

You will get at least 50 web 2.0 backlinks to each Tier 1 post.

That’s a minimum of quality 100 backlinks on Tier 2.

We have many powerful web 2 blogs in our network, some with PA 60+.

All this ranking juice will flow down to your website and rank you top.

The Tier 2 links will definitely index the Tier 1 PBN links.

All Tier 2 blogs are indexed, so the next time Google bot crawls them the Tier 1 posts will index and your site ranking will soar.

What we need from you:

  1. Website URL
  2. Your main keyword (to optimize the posts)
  3. Two anchor texts
  4. Your content (OPTIONAL – we will write it at no extra cost)

Don’t wait any longer, go and get your site ranking boost now.

It won’t happen if you just sit and do nothing.

Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days


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